Potti-Dots™ Q and A

How do Potti-Dots™ work?

Is it best to use one Potti-Dot™ per ‘go’ or one per day?

How do Potti-Dots™ differ to Reward Chart systems?

Where exactly should ‘Potti-Dots™’ be stuck?

Can Potti-Dots™ go anywhere else?

Can I clean over the Potti-Dots™?

How long do Potti-Dots™ last?

Are Potti-Dots™ environmentally friendly?

Are Potti-Dots made from safe materials?

Potti-Dots™ so far come in Boys and Girls themes- isn’t this a little ‘old-school’?

Where can I get more advice about Potty Training?

What will ‘the neighbours’ think?